Kitsune Karate | About Kitsune
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About Kitsune

The Dojo
Kitsune Karate (pronounced Kit-Soo-Nay) is located in the Nokomis neighborhood of Minneapolis.  It is operated by Scott Parkin and Amy Sperling – experienced practitioners and teachers excited to have their own school where they can grow and maintain a strong and happy family of students.

We train in a 3,000sf American Legion meeting hall with gorgeous maple floors and tall ceilings.  It is ideal for our large group classes and seminars.

Amy and Scott have a satellite space (the “Homebu” Dojo) in a cottage behind their home in St. Paul, where they teach private lessons.  It is equipped with sprung wood floors, mats, and an array of cross-training equipment.  It is ideally suited to private classes and they especially love training groups on the TRX suspension system.

Our Instructors
Our Chief Instructor is Amy Sperling (5th Dan). Amy is a many-time US & World Kata Champion. Her husband Scott Parkin (3rd Dan) also teaches at the dojo and also an accredited karate class at the University of Minnesota. Kitsune’s black-belts also assist with instruction, allowing them to hone their teaching skills and share their own ideas with the dojo.

About The Name
Kitsune is the Japanese word for fox. It’s not a “style” of karate and it doesn’t hold a deep spiritual meaning. We just think foxes are cool and we liked the Japanese name.

Our Karate Culture
The owners and instructors at Kitsune have spent decades training to improve their art and they take karate very seriously.  They also believe karate should be fun and lively.  Be prepared to try new things, be exposed to new approaches, and to have a smile (and sweat) when you train.

The instructors implement a unique approach emphasizing individual goal-setting and utilizing a coaching mentality.  This is a proven method for improving technical skills in other athletic fields and is a special benefit to the students.

Our Affiliations
Kitsune is a founding member of the Shuhari Institute – a national governing organization with members throughout the US and Canada.   Shuhari offers master-level instructor seminars, rank certifications, and a national tournament (The Shuhari Cup) each April.